Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Sunshine In Paris...

Today was the most beautiful spring day in Paris. Not a cloud in the sky & no hats, gloves or even coats required today-hooray! It was the perfect day to head back to the Jardin de Luxembourg to enjoy the sunshine & let Ryder stretch his legs. The park was alive to today with people & activities so after a trip to the playground Ryder got to have a ride on the Carousel. This isn't just any Carousel however. The kids get given little sticks (like swords) & as they go around they have to try & collects rings on their sticks-cute! Ryder is a bit to young for this but he still enjoyed the ride & watch the big kids with interest as they collect rings. The look on his face was priceless as he went round & round waving to us.
After the Carousel stopped Ryder held up one finger as if to say one more? So one more ride it was! From there we passed the Marionette theatre (which was closed unfortunately) but stopped at the Pony rides, which Ryder was equally excited about. Although, 1/2 way, when the ponies started to turn around Ryder wasn't so happy & started saying no, no, no, no (which sounds like doh, doh, doh, doh) & shaking his head.We walked a bit further & came back past the pond where there were lots of children running 'round with sticks, pushing miniature sailing boats along. The boats were for hire & it was such a beautiful sight, although for Ryder there would be too much of a risk of him taking a dip, so we passed on this one!From the gardens we strolled home in the sunshine. Later in the afternoon Roger & Ryder headed out & found a fantastic toy shop where Ryder got some very cute frog slippers & a tiny wooden spinning top. They also picked up some special birthday gifts for 2 of Ryder's little buddies.


Mum said...

Ryder must be having a lovely holiday with all the playgrounds and other activities you have been doing. I hope Christie and Roger you get some time to do what you want and see the sights you want to see.Poor Willow just not old enough to enjoy it.
Lots of love

Vida said...

I am pleased Paris put on the sunshine for your day out. There is a Fauchon in New Zealand, and I do believe they will mail order... life is GOOD!!! More rain last night, cannot get enough here. News this end, the parking fines were withdrawn, thanks Roger! Alana's test went well even though she had wished Roger was here to help her she managed to come top 2 in her class in hospitality - with Roger she would have been on top 1 am sure!!! Miss you all xxx Vida

Dani said...

It is always the second child that misses out on doing things. You will have to go back to Paris again when she is old enough to play!!

Dani xx