Saturday, 31 March 2007

Slow Saturday...

Today we all slept in, which was the 1st time since we arrived. So after a slow start we were back to Place de la Madeleine where Ryder got to sample a chocolate at Fauchon.

From there it was off to the Poilane boulangerie to pick up some lunch. We were just about to get the M├ętro home when we spotted a playground & stopped to let Master Ryder stretch his legs. Surprise, surprise, there was a (modern) carousel in the corner, (which of course Ryder spotted) so a ride was in order.

Ryder & his little French friend had a ball 'driving' the truck together-cute.


Mum said...

Enjoy your last few days in Paris. It was nice to speak to Roger and Ryder last night,your morning, while you slept in. Ryder was so cute speaking French to his grandma. I had been forgetting to ask if you had seen any French Bulldogs but Roger told me you had seen a few and Ryder called them Jacques. Ryder looked like he enjoyed his chocolate from Fauchon.
See you soon, enjoy the warmer weather at Dubai.
Go the Lions. We are on top of the ladder. Stop the season now.

Vida said...

Thinking of you heading to warm Dubai and relaxing by the pool, it's quite cool here lately, good for sleeping though. Hope you keep us up to speed from Dubai. Looking forward to catching up and hearing all your news when you get back. Kisses, V