Saturday, 17 March 2007

One day to go...

We leave on our big adventure tomorrow night. I have been watching the weather in Paris & it appears to be getting worse!? Cold & rainy- my dreams of jaunts in the park & picnics on the grass have been shattered, fingers crossed that the weather shall improve.
Today is packing day & it turns out that my dear husband isn't as good at packing light as one would imagine. Luckily I am a very creative packer. The cold weather does make packing light difficult though, especially with kids. I am petrified that Willow is going to freeze. Mum & dad (& Jacques) came over to babysit Willow & Ryder tonight so Rog & I could go & have dinner with Mick, Cind & Paz. They cooked us a up a yummy Thai dinner & it was really nice to relax without Ryder & Willow for a couple of hours. Mum & Dad also took Asha home with them, as they are (very kindly) catsitting her while we are away- did I mention that my parents are fantastic? What we didn't bank on was that at the sight of Asha being taken away in her carrier, Ryder would be very, very upset. He could not get his head around the fact that Asha would be coming back & that we weren't going to be at home to look after her anyway. Poor Ryder, I hope he doesn't start looking for her tomorrow, it will break my heart.
Now it is time to get a good nights sleep, because tomorrow night we will (hopefully) be sleeping on the plane-faire des beaux reves!

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Dani said...

Hey Fowlers!

Hope everything is going well over there in Paris!

Missing you here.

Dani xx