Monday, 26 March 2007

If Heaven is a Park...

Happy Birthday Paz!
We love & miss you very much Pascale & hope you have a wonderful 13th birthday- sorry we can't be there to share it with you, but we are thinking of you! xxxx

If heaven is a park, then it would look just like the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris. This morning we awoke to clear blue skies & sunshine when we opened the window shutters, so a trip to the park was in order. We crossed the river (only a block from our apartment) & stopped at Notre Dame on the way.

Then we walked on to the beautiful Luxembourg gardens. These gardens are fantastic, they have chair set up everywhere (that you can move wherever you like) & I can only imagine that is Summer they are packed with people. Ryder stopped to say hello to the ducks & then we headed to the mother of all playgrounds. You have to pay to use this playground but it is well worth it- there is even an attendant on hand to keep things spic & span. Ryder adored the toy trains & trucks but his favourite had to be this:

Even I couldn't resit having a spin on this one! So much fun, I only wish Ryder was old enough to go on the flying fox...


Vida said...

I don't remember seeing the gardens but Notre Dame certainly stays in my minds eye from our honeymoon, another moving place to be inside. You all look so wonderful and am so PLEASED you had sunshine to wake to. It has warmed again here but not over the top as in the past. Love V xxxx

Mum said...

Happy Anniversary. I hope you have a lovely day. As our weather gets colder yours is getting warmer. It was nice to see Ryders jumper. It looks good.Paris certainly does have a lot of playgrounds and you seem to know them all. The Mona Lisa was small but unlike you I had to fight the crowds to see it.Dont forget to go to Church Madeline as that has the chocolate and cake places to the side of it. Lots of Love XXXXXXX
PS Take a photo of yourself before you go to Dinner tonight.

Dani said...

Hey Fowlers!
Everything looks so amazing. I might have to make Jim take me on a little trip. Actually, we have planned a motor bike trip to Tassie over the Easter long weekend. It may not be Paris but i am very excited.

Christie/Rog, i hope you have a wonderful dinner tonight!

Love you lots.

Dani xxx

Anonymous said...

Its Wednesday evening at 7.45pm E.S.T.

What about an update or are you too busy.

Just spoke to you only sister.
Seems everyone here is working but wishing they were there.

The Smiths said...

hi frenchies,
sorry i havnt written...have been keeping abrest of your travels - how glorious is Paris !! Josh and I are kinda settled in the country - divine rambling garden - very peaceful.
I am so excited for you all to be there and to be enjoying the beautiful surrounds and attractions, food, markets, gardens. you all look divine.
we were thinking of you on our joint anniversary. we did not celebrate as glamorously as you...home cooked pasta and a bottle of our 'wedding wine'.

great to see you all, thinking of you. i am certain you will want to live in paris and we will lose you for a while. why not !!

all our love
josh, champs and baby otis.