Friday, 9 March 2007

Down on the Farm...

Today Ryder headed off for his 1st solo day 'down on the farm' - Collingwood Children's Farm that is. I packed him some snacks in his brand new orange lunchbox & he headed off with his rocket backpack on his back. As soon as be were at the farm he was off checking out the cows & chasing the chooks & was not at all fussed when I said good-bye. It must be said however that his mother was not so brave! So while Ryder communed with nature, Willow & I went to visit our beautiful friends Josh, Champs & baby Otis. Otis is such a little spunk & the chattiest baby in the world!

Anyway for after 3 hours away from his mama, I came back to pick up Ryder & there he was, running round, covered in dirt & loving it. I had to drag my exhausted little man back to the car with the promise of returning next Friday. Now Ryder is off to stay with his Grandparents for the night- what a busy boy!

* I think I have fixed the 'comments/commentaires' so that anyone can comment & you don't need a Google account (thanks Josh!)- sorry for the technical difficulties!

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