Friday, 23 March 2007

Boys Day Out...

I am sick (tres mal) so today the girls stayed in & the boys went out! On their adventures they went to the Boucherie & got a chicken for dinner. It was so fresh, it still had it's head & feet on. The Butler was very nice & prepared the chook for them & wrapped it up just so. Roger also stopped to get me my favourite thing, foie gras! And from the Foie Gras shop oh course- only in Paris!

Happy Birthday Sonny & lots of kisses from us to everyone who is watching our adventures in Paris & leaving us lots of comments & warm wishes xxx


Vida said...

Christie, you look so FRENCH, darling. Such an elegant photo.

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Roger, Christie, Ryder and Willow,

The weekend was very quiet(apart from Asha - le chat).

Keep the photos coming (avec places of interest)