Thursday, 29 March 2007

Another Cold Day...

The weather has turned on us again, oh well. This morning we took the Métro to Place de la Madeleine (sorry Mum no choc cupcakes for me, they will only make lil lo cry) where all the luxury shops are & more importantly Ladurée & Fauchon! Having already be in to Ladurée we only did some window shopping there & headed to Fauchon to drool at the chocolates, amongst other things. Is there anything the don't sell!? From there we walked through the Jardin des Tuileries which after yesterdays trip to the Jardin de Luxembourg was surprisingly tame. In the summer the Tuileries have a Carousel, pony rides, a fun fair, Ferris wheel & miniature sailing boats for hire but today in the cold weather there wasn't alot happening- although Ryder loves finding rocks to throw in the ponds.

So from there it was back on the Métro to St Paul, our favourite shopping area, conveniently located within walking distance from our apartment. We headed to the beautiful toy shop that Roger & Ryder found yesterday, called Tumbleweed. There we found something very special for someone back home, but we could have bought so many beautiful things there. In truth most of the things that they sell are too precious & delicate to be used by children.

From there it was off to the Creperie (sorry can't work out how to type the accent) 'Suzette' for lunch-yum!


Mum said...

I'm glad you got to Fauchon chocolates. That place is amazing along with the beautiful cake shop.Nadia & I had to pass it every day when we were in Paris as our place was a block away.Have you done a boat trip yet or is that a bit dangerous with Ryder?
The boat trip is particularly nice at night as all the bridges are lite up.
Looking forward to seeing you soon lots of love Mum.XXX
PS Football starts tonight so Dani and your father are off to barrack for Melb.

Vida said...

Morning Fowlers,

(well it is morning for us) Great to get an update on "the Life of Ryder", I thought this was your anniversary, we are all dying to hear about dinner etc., don't keep us hanging. Seriously it all looks a dream, memories to last a lifetime. Took me half an hour to drag myself away from the Fauchon website... xxxx