Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Sunny Wednesday...

After another tough day, Roger came home to rescue me & we went for a lovely stroll down the street to collect our passports (!) & to the park to enjoy the sunshine. Ryder was deliriously tired because he had refused to have a nap today & instead had chosen to destroy the (clean) kitchen. Thanks Ryder! Ryder loves going to the park with Roger & Willow was tired enough to have a nice catnap in the pram-bliss!

I am feeling a lot more relaxed now that our passports are here, & in record time no less. I was a bit concerned yesterday when I was informed that they had left Canberra & were in transit. Given that I have no faith in Australia Post, that news did not make me feel at ease. I guess I should get on with packing ... 4 days to go!


Tired Dani Doig :o( said...

i wish i could have gone to the park today and enjoyed the sunshine. It is 8:31pm and i am still at work! is now 8:32pm and I am still here!
Love you all...including the new blog!!!!

jo said...

Hello fowler fam! Just found your blog through charmaine. Yes yes very nosy, I know. What a gorgeous little boy Ryder is and Willow is divine! She looks alot like Ryder. Have a great time in Paris and Dubai - how exciting!